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Gotochi cards are designed and released by the Japanese Postal System, and each one of them represents a place in Japan - hence the name 'gotochi', which means 'local'. They showcase Japanese symbols (which might be local dishes, costumes, monuments, landscapes, etc.) on a national and regional level, in a brightly coloured and fun cartoon. Gotochi cards have a couple of unique features that make them special. First of all, they are not perfect rectangles, but in fact take on the shape of their picture. Also, each card not only has a cartoon picture on it, but also the name of the place that is depicted in the image. Every prefecture has multiple cards, which might be one of the reasons that collecting them has taken off and became such a popular hobby! (source:

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Oldschoolowy Radeg pisze...

awesome collection. very impressive :)

Souvenirmaniac pisze...

Thank's ;)

kingway Kinga pisze...

Imponująca kolekcja Gotochi cards! Jestem wielką fanką Japonii, mam trochę pocztówek z tego kraju, ale w sumie żadnej tego typu kartki nie posiadam ;) Pierwsza podoba mi się najbardziej.

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