El Salvador

środa, 12 czerwca 2013

El Salvador is the smallest and the most densely populated country in Central America. The country's capital city and largest city is San Salvador. Important cultural and commercial centers for Central America on the whole include Santa Ana and San Miguel. El Salvador borders the Pacific Ocean on the south, and the countries of Guatemala to the west and Honduras to the north and east. Its easternmost region lies on the coast of the Gulf of Fonseca, opposite Nicaragua.

Did you know that:

1. It has the third largest economy in Central America (behind Costa Rica and Panama).
2. The rainy season (May to October) is called winter (invierno) even though those months are considered summer for the Northern Hemisphere.
3. It is known as the “Land of the Volcanoes” because of the more than 20 volcanoes in the territory. Two of them are currently active.
4. The national bird is known as the torogoz (turquoise-browed motmot).
5. The national dish is the famous pupusa (which dates from pre-Columbian times).

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