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Seychelles is a 155-island country (as per the Constitution) spanning an archipelago in the Indian Ocean, whose capital, Victoria, lies some 1,500 kilometres east of mainland Southeast Africa. Other nearby island countries and territories include Zanzibar to the west and Comoros, Mayotte, Madagascar, Réunion and Mauritius to the south.

Did you know that:
1. Pirates used to seek the islands of Seychelles as a hideout. It is believed that Olivier Le Vasseur, an infamous pirate, had a treasure worth 100,000 euros that remains hidden in the land up to the present.
2. Ian Fleming, the author of James Bond novels and short stories, named his character Milton Krest after a tonic and ginger beer that he tasted while vacationing in Seychelles.
3. This beautiful country island was home to none until the latter part of the 18th century, when its first settlers arrived.
4. Almost half of the limited landmass in the country is occupied by national parks and reserves. This is in support of the government’s various environment and ecosystems protection and conservation policies.
5. Seychelles is the right place to visit if you want to see unique endemic species. These include the paradise flycatcher, the warbler, the jelly fishtree, and the female Coco de Mer, which is the world’s heaviest nut.
6. The country is home to the heaviest land tortoise that is living in the wild. Named Esmeralda, the animal weighs 304 kilograms and can be found at the Bird Island.
7. In the Ste. Anne Marine National Park, you will find the Moyenne Island, which is believed to be haunted by a spirit that guards a buried treasure.

Cape Verde

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Cape Verde is an island country spanning an archipelago of 10 volcanic islands in the central Atlantic Ocean. Located 570 kilometres off the coast of Western Africa, the islands cover a combined area of slightly over 4,000 square kilometers.

Did you know that:
1. The island of Santiago is the largest in terms of area and also in terms of the population. The capital city Praia is situation on this island.
2. It is illegal to capture turtles between June and February.
3. The ethnic groups are Creole (mulatto) 71%, African 28% and European 1%.
4. The languages spoken in Cape Verde are Portuguese and Criuolo. Cape Verde has an exotic unique Creole culture which has absorbed influences from Brazil, Portugal and musical vibes from Senegal.
5. It is said that after 20 years of continuous drinking of the locally produced grogue, it could make you blind

Papua New Guinea

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Papua New Guinea is an Oceanian country that occupies the eastern half of the island of New Guinea and its offshore islands in Melanesia, a region of the southwestern Pacific Ocean north of Australia. Its capital, located along its southeastern coast, is Port Moresby. The western half of New Guinea forms the Indonesian provinces of Papua and West Papua.

Did you know that:
1. Papua New Guinea has the most languages worldwide, with over 820 indigenous languages used. The most used is Enga, followed by Melp, Huli, and English is used in the government and education system.
2. Only 18% of the people in Papua New Guinea live in urban areas.
3. Until 1933 the country used sea-shells as its national currency.
Post that, it switched to the Kina, PGK.
4. With roads being limited, air travel is the common form of transportation for larger freight.  Papua New Guinea has two international airfields and 578 mostly unpaved airstrips.
5. It’s one of the least explored areas worldwide, believed to have many undiscovered species of plants and animals.
6. The world’s only known poisonous bird, the Hooded Pitohui (Pitohui dichrous) is native to Papua New Guinea.
7. The country holds ceremonies where hundreds of valuables or pigs are distributed to all the guests.
8. Even until the 1950’s cannibalism and headhunting were rampant in Papua New Guinea.


Bermuda also referred to in legal documents as the Bermudas or Somers Isles, is a British Overseas Territory in the North Atlantic Ocean, located off the east coast of the United States. Its capital city is Hamilton.

Did you know that:
1. Bermuda is home to more golf courses per square mile than anywhere in the world!
2. Rainfall generates Bermuda’s only supply of fresh water.
3. Saying ‘good morning’ or ‘good afternoon’ to everyone you see in Bermuda is considered good manners.
Red Homotrema rubrum (red forams), a tiny single-celled organisms that lives under the coral reef, are responsible for the pink sand beaches.
5. There are over 400 shipwrecks dating back to the 1500’s to explore.
6. Fast food chains are not allowed! Except for KFC, who managed to get in there before the ban was put in place.
7. Bermuda has a dress code in effect. You cannot walk around in your bathing suit and men must wear shirts at all times.