wtorek, 11 czerwca 2013

Uruguay is a country in the southeastern region of South America. It is bordered by Argentina to its west and Brazil to its north and east, with the Atlantic Ocean to the south and southeast. Uruguay is geographically the second-smallest nation in South America after Suriname.

Did you know that:
1. The name ‘Uruguay’ comes from the Uruguay River which is thought to mean ‘river of the painted birds’ in the Guarani language.
2. Uruguay is the only country in Latin America which is entirely outside the tropics.
3. The first European in Uruguay was Spanish explorer Juan Diaz de Solis in 1516. He was killed and possibly eaten by the native Charrúa. This kept Europeans away for 100 years.

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Aniszon Postcrossing pisze...

super breloczek :)

Souvenirmaniac pisze...

Ten akurat nie należy do moich ulubionych, ale strasznie ciężko było go zdobyć więc i tak bardzo mnie cieszy! ;)

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