Costa Rica

środa, 12 czerwca 2013

Costa Rica is a country in Central America, bordered by Nicaragua to the north, Panama to the southeast, the Pacific Ocean to the west, and the Caribbean Sea to the east.

Did you know that:
Coffee is often given to infants and children.
2. All
kinds of furniture are smaller about average 15 centimeters compared to European standards (tops lower, narrower input).
3. Walking in
shorts in government buildings is perceived as a lack of respect.
4. There are no
house numbers, address are determined by the description of buildings in the vicinity, such as "to the right of the church".
5. All
Christian churches are being built in the western part of the city.
6. Pedestrians
have absolute priority, the driver must give way, otherwise it can get hefty fines.
7. In Costa Rica
is up 751 volcanoes and seven of them is active.
8. Every day at
7 a.m on any Costa Rican radio station aired the national anthem.

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