środa, 12 czerwca 2013

Guyana is a sovereign state on the northern coast of South America. Culturally Guyana is part of the Anglophone Caribbean. Guyana is one of the few Caribbean countries that is not an island.

Did you know that:
1. The official name of Guyana is the ‘Co-operative Republic of Guyana’.
2. Guyana is the third-smallest country on the mainland of South America.
3. Kaieteur Falls of Guyana are 741 feet high i.e. around five times as high as Niagara Falls.
4. The Omai gold mine in Guyana is one of the largest open-pit gold mines in South America.
5. Victoria Amazonia is the National Flower of Guyana, while its National Bird is Hoatzin, locally known as Canje Pheasant.
6. About 70% of the total area of Guyana is covered with rain forests. It also holds the pride of being the largest rain forests of the world. The country also has some unique endemic species of animals and plants.
7. The size of Guyana is larger than New York but smaller than Idaho.

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