Christmas Island

czwartek, 9 kwietnia 2015

Christmas Island is a territory of Australia in the Indian Ocean, composed solely of that island. It has a population of 2,072 residents who live in a number of "settlement areas" on the northern tip of the island: Flying Fish Cove (also known as Kampong), Silver City, Poon Saan, and Drumsite.

Did you know that:
1. It is called "Christmas Island" because it was discovered on Christmas Day (25 December 1643).
2. Christmas Island is famous for the migration of it's red crab.
3. The island is the summit of what was once a volcano that rises out of the sea at 300 metres above sea level.
4. The island is a focal point for sea birds, that encourages at least 80 species to visit and at least ten species to mate and nest upon the island.
5. Almost two-thirds of the island has been declared a national park.
6. Christmas Island totally looks like a Scottish Terrier. It is quite common to refer to where to are and/or where your going on the Island with reference to a dog’s anatomy.

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