New Caledonia

sobota, 28 marca 2015

New Caledonia is a special collectivity of France located in the southwest Pacific Ocean, 1,210 km east of Australia and 16,136 km east of Metropolitan France.

Did you know that:
1. Nouméa is the capital city of New Caledonia, a territorial collectivity of France located 750 miles east of Australia in the southwest Pacific Ocean.
2. New Caledonia is home to the New Caledonian crow, known for making tools as much or more than primates.
3. Include the New Caledonian lagoon, at 24,000 sq. km it’s one of the largest lagoons worldwide.
4. Is home to the world’s largest species of fern, the Cyathea Intermedia, getting so big, it resembles more of a palm tree than a plant.

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