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Grenada is a tri-island state, consisting of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique. However, Grenada is divided into 6 different parishes (or districts). Grenada is located northwest of Trinidad and Tobago, northeast of Venezuela, and southwest of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

Did you know that:
1. Grenada is also known as the "Island of Spice" because of the production of nutmeg and mace crops of which Grenada is one of the world's largest exporters.
2. The national bird of Grenada is the critically endangered Grenada Dove.
3. The original inhabitants of Grenada known as the Carib Indians or Kalinago’s called it Camahogne.
4. The oldest record of the history of Grenada dates back to 1498, the year Columbus discovered the islands. It was he who named the islands 'Concepcion'.
5. The name 'Concepcion' was changed by the sailors of his fleet, to 'Granada' after they fell in love with the beauty of the place.
6. Since Grenada lies on the edge of the hurricane belt, the hurricane season there lasts from June to September.

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