piątek, 5 lipca 2013

Benin is a country in West Africa. It is bordered by Togo to the west, by Nigeria to the east and by Burkina Faso and Niger to the north. A majority of the population live on its small southern coastline on the Bight of Benin. Benin covers an area of approximately 110,000 square kilometers with a population of approximately 9.05 million.

Did you know that:
1. In terms of geographical area, Benin is smaller than the state of Pennsylvania.
2. The city of Cotonou in Benin enjoys the distinction of being the largest city in the country.
3. The city of Ouidah in Benin, spelt Whydah in history books written in English, is also known as the ‘Museum City’ because of its rich colonial history. Whydah was once the stronghold of the British, French, and Danish.
4. Porto-Novo, the capital city of Benin, is also known as the ‘City with three names’. This is basically because the city, apart from being known as Porto-Novo, is also known as Adjatche and Hogbonou.

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