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Bhutan is a landlocked country in South Asia located at the eastern end of the Himalayas. It is bordered to the north by China and to the south, east and west by India. To the west, it is separated from Nepal by the Indian state of Sikkim, while further south it is separated from Bangladesh by the Indian states of Assam and West Bengal. Bhutan's capital and largest city is Thimphu.

Did you know that:
1. Anyone found guilty of killing a highly endangered and culturally sacred black-necked crane could be sentenced to life in prison.
2. Bhutan is the only nation in the world where the sale of tobacco is banned.
3. Plastic bags have been banned in Bhutan since 1999, and instead cotton bags are used to help conserve the country.
4. The “takin,” a goat-antelope, is Bhutan’s national animal; a unique and strange animal looking like a mix of a cow and goat.
5. The national sport of Bhutan is archery.
6. Bhutanese are forbidden to marry foreigners.

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